Used Pallets

We can supply any used pallet for your storage and distribution needs. Whether you need lightweight single use pallet or heavy duty industrial pallet, standard or custom size and even if you are looking for special wood based packaging products – we offer the right one you need.

Used pallets – great alternative to new wooden and plastic pallets. Repairable, recyclable, environmentally friendly and low cost solution for your business. Good thing about wooden pallets – they are cheap, robust and no matter the damage can be repaired and used again and again. Our services including wholesale supply of used reconditioned (second hand) pallets.

Get the job done at lower cost. Why buy new pallets if you cant get second hand pallet cheaper? We are dedicated to reduce you shipping costs and minimise impact on environment. We are used pallet market place leaders in India supplying cost-effective pallet shipping solutions nationwide. We guarantee quality and grade of used pallets to ensure our customer satisfaction.

We sell used and reconditioned pallets for different applications, all sizes and grades:

  • EPAL pallets
  • Euro pallets
  • UK pallets
  • CP chemical pallets
  • Non-standard pallets

For more information about current used pallet stock please see our used pallet gallery and contact us by email or call.

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