Epal Euro Pallets

We are EPAL certified Euro pallet manufacturer. Our pallets meet strict EPAL regulations, we guarantee quality products in large quantities and timely delivery. All EPAL Euro pallets are heat treated in a speciali pallet drying kilns in a temperature of 56 C  at least 30 minutes so the heat penetrates to the core of timber, then fumigated so pest and disease control is ensured. All pallets are stamped wit EPAL and HT heat treatment/IPPC (wheat) stamp, production date, pallets meet international ISPM15 standard for phytosanitary, certificates supplied. EPAL – exchangeable (Euro pallet pool) pallets mostly used in European countries.

The pallets can be made with the wooden blocks as well as with the blocks of pressed wood. Only EPAL certified nails are used for pallet production.

At Vigidas Pack we have capacity to produce thousands Euro pallets a day and we”ll do our best to ensure consistant supply in large quantity to meet your business needs.

We ship our products worldwide, please email your quote with desired quantity and destination country.

Dimensions: 800x1200x144 mm

Pallet weight: 25 kg

Load weight: 2490 kg