Pallet Collars

Pallet collars are pallet accessories enabling you to create your desired height pallet crates – containers for your specific needs. Collars suitable for non-standard, loose or expensive product secure transportation and storage. Within a minutes your workers can construct durable wooden box for small or large products. This efficient products shipping and storage solution has used worldwide for many years. No tools required, one person can handle assembly of custom-depth wooden crates. When not in used, collars folds flat to save storage space. Versatility and ease of use, these are the main reasons why for decades pallet collars have been so popular across different industries.

Planned 20 mm timber boards and thick hinges used for collar production means they are durable and have long life. Even if they break, you can easily repair or replace it with a new one.

Collars are made from 18-20% humidity wood boards, can be manufactured with 4 or 6 galvanised hinges in the corners.


You can choose hinge thickness: 1,25 mm, 1,50 mm or 1,70 mm.

Most popular pallet collars in Europe are standard dimensions 800×1200 mm and half pallet collars 800×600 mm because they fit Euro pallets and half pallets. Collars supplied stacked on pallet, 100 units per pallet.

6 hinge pallet collars

Additional hinges in the middle of board for greater storage flexibility also available.


We produce these most widely used pallet collars:

600x800x200 mm | Weight: 6 kg

800x1200x200 mm | Weight: 7,5 kg

1000x1200x200 mm | Weight: 8,5 kg

Custom size collars

If you need long or wide pallet collars and dividers we are able to produce any non standard size. With a custom collar you can fit any pallet.

Pallet collar height is restricted only by hinge lenght which can vary from 100 to 400 mm.

Export certified

Our heat treated pallet collars meet ISPM15 international requirements for phytosanotary (International Phytosanitary

Measure undertaken by the international plant convention IPPC). Collars are heat treated and stamped to prevent pest and desease spread across countries through international shipping.

Pallet collar lids

If you need to secure your products for safe transportation optional wooden collar lids can be acquired. We can supply plywood or solid wood lids.