Industrial Pallets

We are industrial pallet manufacturers and suppliers for businesses in variety of industries. We can offer any size pallet to suit your company’s individual needs. Our heavy duty pallets guarantee maximum stability and safety during shipping.  Industrial pallets designed for risk-free transportation and storage of heavy dynamic and static loads. We offer cost-effective, safe, durable solutions for a wide range of industrial sectors.

We supply industrial pallets for bagged, boxed products, barrels, drums, machines, heavy equipment and goods shipping. We are certified manufacturer of robust construction industrial pallets that are produced in our pallet factory. You can choose pallets with  wooden blocks as well as with pressed wood blocks. We are ready to meet all your export packaging needs and supply the pallets suitable for international shipping. We use quality materials used for pallet production: hardwood, pine wood. Sturdy construction ensures a long service life that means your reduced business costs.

2-way or 4-way entry

At the request of the customer we offer two or four-way entry pallet making it more flexible to handle.

ISPM15/IPPC standard

Pallets are bark free, we provide on site heat treatment in drying kilns and methyl bromide fumigation to conform ISPM15/IPPC export requirements.


Transportation and storage. Chemical, oil, steel, automotive, packaging, rubber, plactic industries and commercial product shipping and storage.

Pallet dimensions

1000×1200 mm is most common size used for goods shipping and storing across various industries. Industrial pallet size can vary between continents and standards.

Pallet design

Computerized pallet design software and latest pallet manufacturing lines let us produce any specification pallets.

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