Single Use Pallets

If you don’t need pallets for shipping in the future, single use or one way pallets are best option for one time product transportation. These pallets also called light weight because of their construction and weight. Working load varies from pallet design and size, it can be from 300kg to 1000kg. We produce the pallets for single use and custom size single use pallets (according to the dimensions and load required by the customer). Single-use pallets that are custom-made also can be thermally treated (according to IPPC regulations).

Single use doesn’t mean you have to use them only once. These pallets are suitable for constant use as long as they are fit for the job – transportation or storage.  Single use pallets are non returnable (not in the exchange system), that means if your send your products for the buyer you wo’nt get them back. Single use pallets are made from lower grade pallet timber so price is lower and more competitive compared to return pallets. Single use pallets are popular because of their lower price which is fine for one-time product export.

Whatever industry your are in contact us for transport advise and best price offer, so you can make a right choice.